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4 June 2021

37. Just a GLIMPSE of …..

Nazis of India

In Germany, Nazis were born superior only during the time of Hitler.  But, in India, brahmins are born superior by birth millennium after millennium and centuries after centuries.

How are brahmins, the Indian Nazis born?

As per Rig Veda, brahmins, the Nazis of India are born from the face of Brahma, the god of birth, and not through their mothers.   Since the Kali-yug brahmins are born from the wombs of  women, they drink a mixture containing cow’s urine to be born twice – to be born again from a cow, the foster mother! (Kali-yug means the era of sin.)

Strange!  What is the profession of brahmins who are born superior by birth?

Begging!  As per dharma (Manu-smruthi), brahmins should live by begging only  and they should not do any work. Brahmins, the Nazis of India live on the work and services of inferior and low caste kshatriyas, vaishyas, shudras, and women.  (As per dharma (Manu-smruthi), shudras are born to serve brahmins and they should not be paid more than required for subsistence.)   The brahmins get alms in the name of gods and temples which are the perpetual begging bowls (akshya patras) for brahmins.  Just like human vampires, brahmins suck the blood of Hindus and spew the venom of caste on the society through their mouth and through the mouth of their gods.

Ridiculous.  Just like Hitler for Nazis, is there any leader for brahmins?

There is no permanent leader for brahmins, the Indian Nazis. People like Ram are incited and used as Hitler to subdue those who revolt.  Shambuk, a low caste shudra was praying to god – doing penance.  How could a shudra do the work of brahmins?  Brahmins went to Ram, the hero of Ramayana telling him that a grave sin was committed by Shambuk and he should be killed.  Ram killed Shambuk because of his low caste.  So, Ram was made into a god of brahmins! (Ram himself worshipped Shiva, the god of death, and till 17th century, Ram was not a god.  Some low caste people made Ram a god, did the work of ‘pujari’ and claimed to be brahmins.  As per scriptures, conversion to brahmins is not allowed – it is by birth!)

Strange!  Why did the Hindus not revolt against the Indian Nazis?

There were revolts.  Lord Buddha was against animal sacrifice including cow sacrifice in vedic rituals and he was for equality.  So, Buddhists were lynched, killed and exterminated with the help of foolish kings, and the rich and the powerful.  Similarly Jains were killed by criminals.

In the modern world, how did people tolerate them?

              People are threatened directly and indirectly with stories of immoral and criminal gods.   People should do whatever the brahmins say.  Otherwise, gods will punish them in this world and, in the next world, gods will deny them the heaven after death.  Hindus are fooled with stories of gods and gods are fooled with vedic rituals and hymns in dead Sanskrit.  (A god-incarnate (Krishna) would help even gamblers.  Those gamblers (pandav) were born to their mother (Kunti) through many fathers, and none of them was her husband. The “others’ sons” (pandav) demanded the property of Kunti’s legal husband.) The gamblers even gambled their common-wife (Draupathi). The winner in gambling (Duryodhan) was gracious enough to return the common-wife to the gamblers.  (Can anyone claim the property lost in gambling?)   But the winner (Duryodhan) was killed by a conspiracy by a brahminical god-incarnate (Krishna).)

The Hindu society is divided by the brahmins into many castes in the name of gods and scriptures.  One section of the society is incited to subdue and exploit other societies.  This section behaves like thugs (like Ram) to threaten, lynch, or kill the people who revolt in society.  Due to fear for life also, the society tolerates the Indian Nazis (brahmins) and their thugs.

There are only two options to abolish Nazism in India.  They are the following:

  • Abolish hereditary begging by hereditary brahmins. Hindus may be appointed as ‘pujaries’ in Hindu temples – not brahmins.  Will each Hindu approach MLAs and MPs for necessary legislation in the States and the Centre?
  • Never ask any brahmin to do any rituals. Rituals are tools to extort alms of choice for brahmins.  God listens to you.  God does not need any broker like a brahmin.

As long as the creators of the caste-system like brahmins, their immoral and criminal gods, and their immoral scriptures survive as hereditary beggars, powerful gods, and holy scriptures respectively, and hereditary beggars enjoy the benefits of caste-system by cheating Hindus from birth till death, the caste-system cannot be eradicated.  That is, Hindus will be mentally slaves to brahmins, brahmins will live on others’ work and earnings as human parasites, and Hindus cannot move to 21st century.

Never dream of redemption by seeking any god who talks of equality in this birth.  In that case, just like the Buddhists, Jains, etc. were terrorised, lynched, killed, and exterminated, you will also be threatened, lynched and killed with the help of kings, ministers, and the rich and the powerful. The great warriors of Nazism (brahminism) will kill to loot, and kill and loot.  If you convert to another religion, where will the brahmins, the Nazis of India go for alms?  If you choose another religion, brahmins’ perpetual begging bowl (Akshaya Patra in the form of temples and gods.) will be empty!

                 The Nazis of India are so powerful that they ensured that the origin of caste (Rig Veda), atrocities done in the name of caste on innocent Hindus, untouchability, only brahmins as ‘pujaris’ of Hindu temples, deva-dasi system in temples, etc. are not in the text books of history. Indians cannot know the social history of India! (Untouchability means that the low caste people like kshatriya, shudra, etc. cannot touch a brahmin.  Deva-dasis were virgin women donated to gods who were used to entertain the idols of gods and to entertain brahmins.)  During the height of communist movement, brahmins infiltrated communist parties and became leaders, and ensured that communists did not turn against caste-inequalities.

What is the origin of Nazism in India?

Brahmins, the Indian Nazis had migrated from Central Asia during Rig Vedic time.  Begging in the name of god was their profession.  The crops of the farmers who did not give alms were destroyed.  Out of fear, whatever the Indian Nazis demanded was given.  Later, they even killed a king to install a minor son (Prahlata) as king and exploited him. Good kings (like King Bali) were killed by hoodwinking them and their land was usurped.  The personal weaknesses of the  kings, the rich and the powerful are exploited to hoodwink them and the people.

During Rig Vedic times, fire, rain, liquor (soma), etc. were gods. After that, local gods like Shiva, Kali, etc. were adopted.  Then story gods like pig-god (varaha), Ram, Krishna, etc. became gods. With each new god, a new set of people of low caste became pujaries and claimed to be brahmins.  Some shudras, the lowest caste people converted to Buddhism.  Due to threat to their life, they reconverted to Hinduism.  They owe their allegiance to some Buddhist principles like non-killing of animals but also claim to owe their allegiance to vedas. (Animal sacrifices including cow sacrifice are compulsory in vedic rituals.)  These semi-Hindus also claim to be brahmins.  Semi-Hindus do not eat beef (cow’s meat), the favourite food of vedic brahmins.  Due to their character and behaviour, the lineage of most of the Indian Nazis is associated with animals and inanimate things as ‘gotra’, like snake, dog, pot, etc.  

All the brahmins claim that they are descendants of bharata, a clan of brahmins who migrated from Central Asia.  As per Rig Veda, bharata were kings and not brahmins.  Only kings and kshatriyas played major roles in composing Rig Veda and other vedas.  Later, Vedas passed into the hands of brahmins along with the entire Sanskrit literature.

Of course, there are some brahmins in India who are civilised, not only by their dress and behaviour but also by their feelings and thinking.  There are also other uncivilised people, criminals, and casteists who behave like incarnation of Nazis, and claim superiority by birth.

Even in 21st century, a Chief Minister of a state was humiliated by calling him a tea-seller by an Indian Nazi, for the humiliating profession of begging by an Indian Nazi is more lucrative in India than the work of an honest and hard-working tea-seller.

India got freedom from the British rule, but will Hindus ever get freedom from Indian Nazis (brahmins) in this birth?   Before another barbarian comes as an incarnation of brahmanical god, before another animal with human body and animal brain like Narasimha comes to save brahminism, or before another animal with human body and virus-head comes as an incarnation of a brahminical god,  will MLAs, MPs, legal luminaries, social reformers, and people with conscience take necessary steps to liberate Hindus? 

             Will Hindu gods start learning people’s languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, etc.

S.Chitrai Kani

For more details, see the article on ‘Equality’ available in the website   https://ShapingBodyMind.com.  This is also available in  https://sckani.WordPress.com, a free web site of Word Press.  Go to Menu >> Articles  >> click  Equality.

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21 May 2021

35.  Just a GLIMPSE of …..

How to Go to Heaven?

I did good deeds in the past. I will do good things in future.  So, I shall go to heaven.  No, no…  I will go heaven.

Do you know who are in heaven?


’sur’ and ‘asur’ worked together to extract the immortal elixir from the ocean of milk.  ‘sur’ swindled the whole elixir.  She-Vishnu (a male god in the form of a beautiful woman) distracted the attention of ‘asur’ while the ‘sur’ were cheating the ‘asur’.  The cheaters ‘sur’ are in heaven.

Indra, the king of heaven is an immoral person.  He was caught red-handed while misbehaving with a woman (Akalya).  However, he escaped any punishment and is still the king of heaven.

There is a simple short-cut to go to heaven.  If you pay money to brahmins, the brahmins will do some vedic rituals, recite some hymns in Sanskrit, a dead language, and send any sinner or criminal to heaven after their death.  (If any woman or Hindu does the same vedic rituals and recite the same Sanskrit hymns, the soul cannot go to heaven, even if the dead-person was virtuous and he did only good things in life while alive!)  That is, while the dead soul goes to heaven, the human parasite (brahmin) will get a lot of money and material, and enjoy the life of heaven in the Earth without doing any work!

A kshatriya who died fighting in a war goes to heaven irrespective of his past criminal record or sin-record.  A god-incarnate (Krishna) was advising a member of a gambler-group (pandav) who even gambled their common wife (Draupathi), “If you die fighting in the war, then you would go to heaven irrespective of your sin-record (gambler-record), but if you win, then you would enjoy life with the kingdom won.  Never think of morality.  Fight, fight, fight…. because, by caste, you are born to fight without bothering about morality.

Vaishyas and shudras are not eligible to go to heaven.  Shambuk, a low caste shudra was doing penance – praying to god.  Brahmins became agitated and told Ram, the hero of Ramayana that a grave sin was committed by Shambuk and he should be killed.  Ram killed Shambuk. Only brahmins are entitled to do any rituals for praying to god.  (So, even now, 100% jobs of ‘pujari’ are reserved for brahmins, and no Hindu can become ‘pujari’ of Hindu temples. Beware of people like Ram who can be incited by brahmins!)  You construct a temple, hand it over to brahmins, give alms perpetually in ‘akshya-patra’, and you will be called a low caste kshatriya or shudra!  (Akshaya-patra means perpetual begging bowl in the form of temples and gods.)

Women being inferior to shudras, men of the lowest caste, women are not entitled to enter heaven.  (Which woman would like to live with cheaters, sinners and criminals?)  Of course, there are beautiful women (apsaras) who dance in the court of heaven to entertain those in heaven, just like deva-dasies.  (Deva-dasies were virgin women donated to temples who danced to please the gods and the brahmins. The system was abolished by legislatures during the British-times. Now-a-days, deva-dasis, devadasi-dance, and devadasi-music are glorified by Kali-yug brahmins in mass media like news-papers.)

Do you want to go to such heaven?

No, no…  I realise that heaven, gods, vedas, vedic rituals, the dead Sanskrit, etc. are tools for begging for beggars, cheaters, sinners, and criminals.  (As per dharma (Manu-smruthi), brahmins should live by begging only and they should never do any work.  They get alms in akshaya-patra.)

                              S.Chitrai Kani

For more details, see the articles  ‘Equality’ and ‘Vedas’ available in the website   https://ShapingBodyMind.com.  This is also available in  https://sckani.WordPress.com, a free web site of Word Press.  Go to Menu >> Articles  >> click  Equality   or   Menu >> Glimpses >> click Equality or Vedas.

NOTE: Any article (in full and not in part) can be published in any news paper or magazine, or in booklet, pamphlet, or electronic, form. (All are available in the above websites.)  Properly translated versions (in full and not in part) can be published in any language.