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5 March 2021

26.  Just a GLIMPSE of …..



One of the reasons for cough is infection in the throat or lungs. The viruses, bacteria, dust, etc. in the lungs are expectorated through the mucus secreted in the lungs.  Do not suppress cough. (Not to spread the bacteria and viruses, keep a kerchief before the mouth or near the mouth while coughing.) The mucus and the sputum should come out of the lungs.  Otherwise, there will be short-term or long term side-effects including infection of the lungs, lung cancer, etc.

Sometimes, the sputum or mucus may be greenish or smelling.  It indicates infection.

Make the mucus watery by taking a spoonful of honey or a spoonful of ordinary cough syrup with a glass of water for a few days.  That will help to expectorate the mucus.  Never take ginger while the lungs are congested.  (After four or five days when most of the mucus with virus or bacteria comes out, one can take ginger.)

To kill most of the bacteria in the throat, gargle with salt-water.

GARGLING:  Dissolve half a spoonful of the common salt in a mouthful of warm water.  Keep the salty water in the mouth, take deep breath, and facing the sky, tell ‘ha, ha, ……’.  One can stop and breathe. The salt-water should not enter the wind-pipe (trachea) or the food-pipe (oesophagus).  Continue this activity for about five minutes.  Spit out the salty water and clean the mouth with good water.

If small amount of phlegm comes out while coughing, then steam-inhalation may be needed to kill that kind of bacteria in the throat and wind-pipe.

STEAM-INHALATION:  Take a tumbler made of metal, half-fill with water (never full), boil it so that steam starts coming, move the tumbler towards the mouth, and inhale the steam through the mouth. Heat the water again and repeat it for about 10 minutes. (Hold the tumbler by a long holder.)

If the cough persists for more than a week or if blood-stain comes with the sputum, consult a doctor immediately.

                                                                                                                                                     S.Chitrai Kani

For more details, see the article on ‘Cough’ available in the website   https://ShapingBodyMind.com.  This is also available in  https://sckani.WordPress.com, a free web site of Word Press.  Go to Menu >> Articles  >> click Cough.