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28 November 2020

Just a GLIMPSE of …..



None has seen the heaven.  No dead person has come alive to tell about heaven.  To bring responsibility and accountability to life, heaven was created by social reformers and society-builders.  There are wide pictures of heaven given by many persons including beggars and businessmen.

If you give money to brahmins, they will do some vedic rituals and tell some hymns in Sanskrit, a dead language  and send the soul of any dead person or sinner or criminal to heaven.  Brahmins are brokers of gods.  By birth, non-brahmins and women cannot become brokers of gods or ‘pujaries’ of gods.

You may believe in vedic pagan gods, or idols, or story-gods, or you may find god in scriptures written in specific languages.  But, are your gods fools to allow the entry of sinners and criminals to heaven through strange rituals, or offerings, or flattering prayers?

Never believe in brokers of gods and never believe in bribing gods!  If you want to go to heaven, go there with dignity and honour, and with clear conscience.  No short-cut.

Never think of washing your sin in Ganga with some brahminical, vedic, rituals and obscure Sanskrit verses. 

Clean Ganga – purify Ganga not only of its pollution but also of its over-flowing sin.

Believe your god, believe in good work, and believe that your god believes in good work – not eye-washing rituals.

Have conscience.  Money and comfort are not the only thing in life.  Do not be a ‘sur’ or ‘dev’ to cheat your neighbour, the ‘asur’.  (‘sur’ or ‘dev’ worked together with ‘asur’ to get the elixir from the ocean of milk.  But, the ‘sur’ or ‘dev’ swindled the whole elixir.)

 ‘sur’, the cheaters are in heaven. Indra misbehaved with a woman.  That woman was cursed into a stone but Indra went scot free.  Indra is the king of heaven.  Does any woman like to go to such heaven?

                                                                                                                                                    S.Chitriai Kani

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